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Extreme Stuffing

Violet, self-fisting, teens, artistic

With a figure that pleases most of us guys' desires, this doe-eyed cute teen with braces surprises us with her sexuality and the desire to be FTV-style extreme! A full, firm butt and nice large naturals complement her pretty face and her fun, inviting personality. We first see her at a jogging trail by a canal, wearing a cute white outfit that very easily comes off to flash passers-by, and it makes her giggle every time... She then decides to do a picnic at a public park, with all sorts of phallic edibles to play with.Taking her bottoms off and showing off her supple butt, she give a long cucumber a nice blowjob before fucking herself missionary, as deep as it can go, then gets to ride it with some very erotic views of the action. Considering that she's never done any adult work before (not even selfie nudes), she's definitely a confident one! Then she tries a banana, eventually leading to the supersized eggplant -- and it fills her up to the max! After a lunch break, she does a sexy dance for us, stripping down to show off that firm, voluptuous figure.Going back home, she masturbates with her own personal magic wand vibrator, and has some mini orgasms but we find out its a counterfit copy! So she then discovers our real magic wand toy, and wow... Not only does it bring her to orgasm, it makes her squirt twice! Contractions everywhere... She's so wet inside now, so she explores her vagina, first with three then four fingers, and spreads her private parts for extreme closeups. She wants to try to be an extreme girl, and so she attempts to fist -- she works hard at it from every angle, and eventually gets her whole hand in!It becomes a total fisting scene as she fucks herself with her hand, and actually enjoys it... Then she gapes herself wide open to show off how stretched out she is, and how she can move her vaginal muscles while spread open. On the next day she's back outside, naked, and with a long double ended lavender toy, she challenges herself to get it all completely in her by bending it in several directions until it goes completely missing! It truly does fill her up. Then she pulls out a very large purple dildo that she uses in personal life, and starts pounding herself with it in missionary, for a nice hard fuck session!It leads to the biggest toy, the tall FTV Monster, which she proceeds to ride as much as she can. After a session with it, its stretched her out even more, so she tries fisting again for a big finale... And she goes deeper than ever, her hand going missing way past the wrist! She fucks herself with her hand, then super gapes -- she truly is an extreme girl... FTV style. This first timer has a lot more kinky things she wants to try out... In part 2!

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